Tailored Home Jewels for Private Collections

Uniqueness requires inner work starting with the recognition of our own identity.
Our tailored Home Jewels are built to reflect the true nature, beauty, and desires of each person.

Private Collectors looking for an exclusive piece of Art that is unique to them will be astounded by the creativeness, competencies, and unmatched skills of hf.

We strive for perfection, and for delivering creations that are the embodiment of our refined patrons.

The Conqueror of Eurasia Steppe

Muhammad Shuja
Uddin Timur

Historically best known as Amir Timur or Tamerlane, is the protagonist of a limited series collection dedicated to the Uzbekistan National hero of the fourteenth century. We turn it into a tailored piece of Art for a very special Customer who gave us permission to publish its pictures and its backstage.

The pride of telling a Story with the language of Art

Each element of the composition, from the golden decorations to the selection of the stones and the glazed inlay, are the result of deep analysis of the character and the history of his beautiful Country.
The magic of the artistic bronzes hand chiseled makes this Clock the perfect expression of our ambitions as storytellers.