The Sultan of Light


The Stone Collection
New finishings, new home Jewels to collect

A new dress for our first iconic collection. Our exclusive glowing clocks interpret new stories from The One-Thousand and One Nights. Limited Edition only for new Home Jewel to collect.


It is time for a new Malachite Jewel  

With its magnificent malachite Dome, this opulent clock inspired by the Living Island in One Thousand and One Night, is a jewel bringing together the preciousness of the stones with the distinctive design of the Sultan Collections. The white onyx and the golden plated artistic chiseled bronzes confer passion to the composition. The dial  is hand glazed and the malachite columns, as the trees on the living Island of the legends, turn this clock into a legendary home jewel.  


The purity of the Crystal Rock illuminating your time

As the mythological Spirit from a flame without smoke, this Luxurious Clock makes of the crystal rock transparencies its charm. Marquina marble, golden plated artistic hand chiseled bronzes and hand glazed dial for a timeless elegance. All the passion of our stone craftsmen and the precision of the mechanism made unique by Siet Meccanica Firenze for the most elegant atmospheres.


Daring to be Unique

A piece of Art in Persian Cola Onyx and Portoro Marble for a unique style. Golden plated artistic hand chiseled bronzes adorning the classical elegance of our iconic glowing clock. Hand glazed dial makes the portoro marble stand out in a warm and masculine composition. The Siet Meccanica Firenze fitting of mechanism ensures precision to a jewel made to grab the attention for its uniqueness and its audacity.

Passion for details

Art is in the passion for details. We create unique clocks that capture the very nature of our clients in each single detail.