The Sultan of Light


The Sultan of Light Our First Collection inspired by the Tale of tales

Our first Collection demonstrates the magic of our creations. We draw from the tale of the tales, The One-Thousand and One Nights. Available in 10 pieces only, The Sultan and Sherazade are glowing clocks rotating as dancers in the night with their upper base rotating 360°. 

The Sultan of Light

The Pride of our First Collection


The marquina marble and golden plated artistic hand chiseled bronzes make the Sultan of Light a prestigious clock with timeless elegance. The dial is hand glazed, the mechanism is made precious by the Siet Meccanica Firenze fitting. Crystal rock columns are handmade by our stone craftsmen. The frosted crystal dome and its warm light are hypnotic and ideal for an elegant atmosphere. The black crystal feet and white crystal side boards are hand forged.


She walks in the unique beauty of the night.

The femininity and elegance make Sheherazade the perfect partner for the Sultan of Light.

White onyx and golden plated artistic chiseled bronzes are her luxurious dress. The dial, black glazed, as the amethyst columns and the violet side board crystals are intended to remark the duality of the male (The Sultan) and the female (Sheherazade), the darkness and the light. The same dualism is recognizable in the clear crystal Dome: the light effect is brighter in order to create alternation with the warm light of the Sultan frosted crystal dome.

Illuminate your moments, create your atmosphere

Creating an atmosphere is an Art. Our ambition is to turn an elegant clock into something capable of shaping magic atmospheres. hf  Top Clock Collections are illuminated from the inside. The play of light filtering through semiprecious stones and crystal transparencies are captivating and give a modern touch to the classic beauty of the decorations. The Sultan of Light Clocks are rechargeable and remain lit up to 16 hours.

Passion for Details

Art is in the passion for details. We create unique clocks that capture the very nature of our clients in each single detail.