The Mythical Bird
of Persian Legends
ever aloft in a never
ending flight.

A powerful aesthetic

Common motif in Sufi and Diwan poetry, legends say catching a glimpse of  the Huma Bird is sure to make one happy for the rest of one’s life. Unique details, as unique is the shape of each single feather chiseled by our artisans.  The majestic elegance of Marquina marble gives to the golden bronze of the legendary bird a powerful aesthetic.

Monumental elegance​

Hand glazed dial branded hf grants a strong identity to a piece of time that captures the beauty behind the legends. Available in Portoro and, upon request, in every semiprecious stone such as Malachite, Lapis and Amethyst.

" Looking at his magnificence with hand chiseled bronzes you can catch a glimpse of perfection and true Italian craftsmanship."

Limited edition only

Uniqueness is a matter of details, as is the exquisite hand chiseled plumage of the mythical bird. Our Exclusive Collections are Limited Edition Only.

Beauty is a privilege for the very few who can recognize it.

Passion for details

Art is in the passion for details. We create unique clocks that capture the very nature of our clients in each single detail.