Free Artisans, true Art


Free Artsisans,
exclusive Home Jewels,
true Art

We are “free artisans” – Demiurgos – heirs of a centenary culture where knowledge and techniques in the Art of Bronze Fusion, of chisel and of stone work find an original synthesis and new aesthetic balance. Our products reflect our love and our passion for our work. Each element of our Home jewels, from the chiseled artistic bronzes, to our handmade crystals are shaped on original ideas and tell a Story. Uniqueness is the key to Art and is our factory signature. 

Define yourself

or you will be

defined by others


We are Homo Faber, we are our History, our Centenary Culture shaping Florentine Renaissance and our style. We believe in the beauty and in the uniqueness of Art. We believe in the Art of our artisans carrying on Italian traditions from generations. We are a true Made in Italy, produced only in limited edition. We work with the highest quality of standards. Our Home Jewels are defined by the customization of each piece, from fine filigree to internal mechanisms of distinction.


One of One

Each Home Jewel of our signature range is a unique tale based upon the lives and passions of our artisans. Yet every man has his own story, his own desires. Thus, we strive to create unique Jewels that capture the very nature of our clients. Our designers and technicians are skilled in interpreting your ideas and fashioning them into unique pieces of art that reflect you.

Tempus fugit, Art is forever

Our Partnership

Our partnership and friendship with Siet Meccanica Firenze promises prestige and pledges technical credibility to our clocks. We are proud to customize each clock with Siet Meccanica.