HOME JEWELS Tempus Fugit, Art is forever MADE IN ITALY

Homo Faber
Custodians of a Centuries old knowledge of Excellence

The Renaissance gave birth to a new ideal:
homo faber was the new man, capable of building his own future with his own knowledge. hf possesses this awareness, building its own destiny by harnessing the artistic talents of the most competent artisans of Florence, the cradle of the Renaissance itself. We manufacture masterpieces of Art that generate an emotion, unique Home Jewels for Unique People.

Jewel Clocks

Our Collection of Home Jewels reinterpreting the Classic style into unique Clocks and true pieces of Art. 100% Made in Italy, precious materials, original design and finishings.

Home Gifts

More than

Exclusive Home Jewels to adorne your home and give a unique touch to your life style. Passion, skills and an extraordinary touch of elegance will turn every  gift into a real emotion.

Vases & Cups

The uniqueness of HF chiselled bronzes combined with the transparencies of the crystal for a timeless elegance.

Jewel Lighting

The HF Collection dedicated to the Art of lighting and giving harmony to your home with exclusive Home Jewels

Jewel Furniture

A craftmanship capable of combining antique techniques and the highest quality technical solutions with a variety of materials, from the gemstone to the bronze, from the die casting to the steel and aluminium.

Tailored Collections

Customized Pieces of Art
and Unique Ideas for Very Exclusive Clients